Dating in India

Dating in India

Go beyond the stereotypical ideas

Welcome to the Indian society where dating before marriage is considered a taboo and even worse than that, it is somehow not ‘okay’ to go against the rules. Who has made the rules? As we can see, God has made these feelings for a reason. How can we control these rush of feelings such as love, lust, and friendship? God made the world, but the people made the rules. It is tough to live in an orthodox society! In India, becomes difficult to breathe. Your parents probably do not understand you have several relationships. Dating in India is possible! Indian Dating site is a free dating website where you can meet hot singles, who are willing to have fun and make new friends (with benefits).

Yes, having friends with benefits is possible on our platform. We are strong believers of love, if the free hookup turns out to be love, we will be more than happy to play cupid in your love story.

Hello cupid

We like to call ourselves ‘cupid’. For those of you who do not know what Cupid means, you must know that this character has a major role to play in most love stories. They are the ones, who ensure that two people fall in love!

While love is a strong and heavy word, we would like you to explore the unfamiliar zone and have a gala time. Not everyone is looking for a serious relationship. Seriousness can wait! There is one full life to find someone special. For now, you can hookup and indulge in casual dating.

Since the society does not allow you to roam around freely and have several relationships, our platform does not judge you. You can freely date whoever you wish to and have as many relationships.

Find someone to love

On our dating site, you can meet people and finally find someone to love. This website provides fun, frolic and a sexy time that you will never forget! Indeed, you will meet many interesting souls, who are here for different purposes. It could be to find true love, hookup or have friends with benefits.

Our eyes are closed as we do not like interfering in your love or lust story. Write your own story, we just provide you with the pen and paper, and rest is in your hands.

The icing on the cake is that we let you join this fantastic dating site for free. Don’t have to spend money on memberships and upgrades because love and lust should come without a price tag.

Just tell us your name, where you are from and start dating in India! We are going to embrace you with open arms.

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